Skydive United Incorporated, was established in 1986 as a two man Tandem concession (hence the name "skydive united" ) in Calhan Colorado.

In 1992, in order to fill a void at the local dropzone, we started to broker equipment and began to accumulate dealerships with the major manufactures.

We moved the shop onto the Calhan Airport to be more available to skydivers and the many pilots who needed our services. During the back half of the 90s, we contracted to the DZs in the state to provide Tandem, AFF and Static-line instruction, employing as many as eighteen instructors.

2003 - 2010 : Contracted to the US Navy Special Warfare center's staticline and freefall courses training SEALs, CCT, Pararescue and other Spec Ops personnel.

2010 - Present : Under contract to the 27th Special Operations Wing providing drop zone and landing zone services.

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Since 1986


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