Oxygen classAre you a training supervisor in a military unit with a Ruck classneed to keeping your personnel current? We have years of experience in training MFF students (basic and advanced) to include the rigging of combat equipment, weapons, oxygen and the conduct of military jump briefs. We have worked with USAF CCT, Army SF (10th), Naval Special Warfare and the Air Force Academy. For more information call or e-mail Skydive United today.

Pitts Specialpara-cushionAre you a pilot that would like to have some basic instruction on how to use that parachute you carry in the plane? We have a specially prepared lesson plan that takes you through basic theory, control and landings. You will undergo harness training so that you will have an idea of the "feel" of descending under canopy.

Halo wingsAre you a military jumper that wants to convert your on-duty USPA Logojumps to a civilian equivalent license? We have extensive Military Free Fall (MFF) experience and can help you gain your USPA license.

Rigging ManualSkydive United has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to rigging. With several master riggers and a Rigging KitDPRE on staff, we can provide
no nonsense rigger training and prepare you for testing. Traditionally done one-on-one and on your custom designed schedule.

StudentNeed a little one-on-one to get you past a problem? Have a group that has special training needs? Having trouble getting from AFF grad to A license? The weather AFF Level 3presenting a problem and want to get out of town but not mess with unknown instructors or methods - we have instructors that can travel. Call us, we can help!

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